LED (Light Emitting Diode)

With aging, collagen production below the skins surface slows down, and as a result, the skin loses elasticity, and wrinkles form. The Optilux Elite machine that Bliss Dermal Clinic uses is a light source device with the width of 610nm and wavelength of 420 – 660nm that can be used on the face, back, abdomen, thighs and calves. As it uses powerful new infrared HP LED (High Powered Light Emitting Diodes), if safely treats the skin without any side effects and the risk of causing heat damage, photo-aging, scar and pain which are risks associated with general laser treatment.


  • Regenerates Skin Cells
  • PromotesBlood circulation
  • Activates active ingredients and increases rate of absorption
  • Breaks down and discharges fat

Blue LED

  • Sterilises Acne Bacteria
  • Suppresses the sebaceous gland
  • Prevents infection on wound sites
  • Soothes Skin Troubles

$60.00 for each 30-minute session or $40 as an add on to any other treatment.

Include a Hydrogel Mask especially designed for LED treatments for an extra $25.00