Tina Anne Paridaens

A Philomath (lover of learning and Studying) I have enjoyed many years working in the Occupational Health & Safety (OHS) industry. Firstly Nursing, (military & old age care), then into mining for the past 25 years. A vast and full career has allowed me to experience the rewards of working with different groups of people, listening too and responding to their life’s ups and downs.

A passion for health saw me become Australia’s first women to place in the world fighter games with a silver medal for the Toughest Firefighter Alive (TFA) in 2002. Heavily involved in Natural Body Building from 2000 – 2006, I won 3 world titles in New Zealand, Sheffield UK, and Hong Kong where health, wellness, dedication and a strong focus set me in good stead for my career.

Learning how the body works, the good and bad things we do to it, was what intrigued me to follow the passion to study Cosmetic Dermal Science. I was amazed at how skin reacted to different exercise training modalities, how diet and nutrition plays such a significant part in our health and the science of our skin, and how simple treatments can improve skin foundations, remembering just like any training program, healthy skin is not an overnight process, it is a journey.

I finished my OHS Masters Degree later in life at 42, part time for 8 years while working in the mines, continued on to study Dermal Science, Phlebotomy and am currently back at Uni for my Bachelor of Nursing (RN Division 1).

The drive for me to build ‘Bliss Dermal Clinic’, is to bring my learning and passion for fostering and promoting healthy cells and healthy skin to everyone.

The definition of Bliss is – Complete and Utter happiness, and this is how I feel when I complete each of my treatments with my clients.

Tina x